Clinically backed unique ingredients for your health life

  • Sugar-Free
  • GMP Approved
  • Traceable Ingredients
  • Plant-Based
  • Non-GMO
  • Clinically Tested

Innovative Ingredient to help you take ownership of your health

When it comes to ingredients, it’s not just what they are––it’s what they can do. And even the most powerful nutrient can’t do much if your body can’t absorb it.

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Simply Essential

In the hustle and bustle of our fast-paced world, our bodies take a beating. Let us offer you this simple ritual––a daily dose of our simply essential health supplements, taken with a daily moment of Zen.

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The igc Difference

The purity, and potency of IGC ingredients are lab certified, and responsibly sourced. All that extra effort just to give you peace of mind? Yes. We think you’re worth it.

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Life with Brolico

“We all are in need to support from our immune systems”

Elizabeth Marochok


“Love yourself and get some Brolico”

Muzcali Gift

Pilates Instructor

“Broccoli is my spirit vegetable”

Suzie Hall

Digital creator


“Thanks to Brolico, I no longer catch colds. I want to continue this way, so I'm going to keep taking Brolico!”

“We received a comment from a patient who was pleased to report that taking Brolico has improved her energy levels. Before, she always felt tired and struggled to get up in the morning, but now that she's taking Brolico she wakes up refreshed every morning. ”

“I was a nurse in Tokyo for 50 years, and suffer from rheumatism. In Tokyo, I had blood tests every month, but I've since moved to Shizuoka to take care of my sister, so now I only return to Tokyo for blood tests every three months. Before the tests, I used to drink grated onion, which made my blood very clean. The reason I know Brolico works for me is because once I started taking it, the results of my tests show that my blood is just like it was when I drank onions. No doubt about it, Brolico is great. ”

“I like Brolico very much. I often have early mornings, and irregular hours, so I feel uncomfortable if I forget to take it. I also notice that if I work out and don't take Brolico, I feel lethargic the next day, and the muscle soreness is always worse. With these effects, I wonder if it has vitamin B6 in it. I'm still young, but always concerned about my health. There are many supplements like Nature Made, and other brands of multivitamins that are supposed to be comprehensive, but there are not many that specialize in broccoli the way Brolico does. I once forgot to take it, and as soon as I remembered, I took 6 capsules and felt the effects immediately. Since I know how well it works, I'm always worried when I don't take it. I would like to take goyamin as well, but I have five children and it is difficult to afford. ”

“Thanks to Brolico, my body is in good shape. I'm happy to know that I can keep taking Brolico.”

“When I take Brolico, I feel well. Even when I have a cold, I no longer take medicine, I take extra Brolico instead. And combined with rest, Brolico helps me recover. I think Brolico is very suitable for me.”

“I give Brolico to my grandchildren and husband, and as a result, my family is in good health. My husband had colon cancer a few years ago, and he's been taking Brolico ever since. There's been no recurrence of the disease, his blood test results are good, and his intestines are now clean whenever he has a checkup. We know this is all thanks to Brolico. ”

“I give my children, who are 3 and 5 years old a tablet a day. Thanks to Brolico®, they didn’t get sick, which was prevalent in their kindergarten this year.”

S. H.

“My child, who is 2-and-a-half years old, was sick all the time and I was exhausted taking care of him. But after he started using Brolico®, he’s much better..”

J. D.

“My 18-year-old son catches colds easily and it stays with him a long time. This year is especially stressful because he has his college entrance exam and has little time to sleep. So he started taking Brolico®, and the result has been astounding. No colds, and even his complexion has cleared up.”

M. B.

“Though I am 75, I can still climb mountains. I am taking Brolico because I want to continue climbing mountains until I am 80 years old.”

Mr. Fukuda

“I was told I always smile recently. When I take Brolico, I can keep my thoughts positive.”

Ms. Tanaka


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