Our Philosophy

Empowering Plant-Based Phytonutrients

IGC focus on phytonutrient. What is phytonutrient? Phytonutrients are natural functional ingredients produced by plants.

Emerging research has shown these extraordinary nutrients to contain functions such as antioxidation, immunity regulation, anti-aging, stress reduction, enhanced blood circulation, increased memory and more.

Plants naturally produce these phytonutrients in order to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays, harsh weather, insects and other internal and external threats. As humans, we're not able to produce these nutrients ourselves, but we stand to gain a lot from consuming them.

Unfortunately, due to their strong outer membrane, phytonutrients are difficult for the digestive system to break down and absorb.

Through our research, we sought to develop an extraction method capable of penetrating the outer cell membrane, while retaining the purity and potency of the nutrients inside. We call it Phyto-Thermal Extraction, and today, this patented process is what makes our phytonutrient-powered supplements one-of-a-kind.

Simply the Essentials

The phrase “peace of mind” is one we've heard often. But what do these words actually mean?

There is one crucial component that peace of mind cannot exist without: peace of body. And yet, in this fast-paced world of deadlines and deliverables, our bodies are often the first thing we neglect.

IGC aims to change that.

Our efforts are rooted in a philosophy of Zen. Much like the Japanese Zen garden, the body must be tended to every day. This tending is an act of self-love and mindfulness, through which we hope to achieve balance, understanding, and peace.

And as the goal of any Zen garden is to simplify, bringing all elements down to the essential, this is our aim with every product we produce. Our extraction process takes phytonutrients down to their essence, and delivers them to you in their simplest, and most potent form, free from unnecessary additives, fillers and extras.

Peace of body and peace of mind, in one essential daily dose.

Taking Ownership of your Health

To quote author Annie Dillard: “How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives.”

The choices that we make right now, today, will have the biggest impact on our health and longevity tomorrow.

The idea of ownership is central to our ethos at Imagine Global Care. We believe that humans are happiest when they have ownership and agency over their bodies, choices, and health. And being proactive is one of the most powerful ways to stake your claim in how you spend today, and tomorrow.

This is why we’ve dedicated our research to finding proactive, evidence-based solutions designed to put you back in charge of your own health and wellness.

Because when it comes to the future of your health, there’s no time like the present.