Our Story

Reimagining Health

When he lost his father to illness, IGC founder Hiroki Kinoshita was moved to find a better way to approach health and wellness. His years of experience in pharmacy management had left him disillusioned, and with his father’s death in mind, he began to question the limitations of a system focused on symptomatic treatment, rather than preventative care.

It began with a series of questions: “Why wait until we've already fallen ill? What suffering could be avoided if we became proactive, instead of reactive? How can we start taking ownership of our own health and future wellness?”

Armed with these questions, Hiroki embarked on a chapter immersed in research and inquisition. After receiving a Ph.D. in Health Science from the University of Tokyo, he went on to establish Imagine Global Care, a company that uses scientific research and discovery to bring about innovative, proactive solutions to health and wellness––a company that imagines a better way.

Driving Innovation

Once he established IGC, Hiroki sold his chain of pharmacies––a business he'd spent his life building––and used the proceeds to fund his research. It was a long, expensive road, but even when the money ran out, Hiroki didn’t stop. Instead, he took out a personal loan, and plunged ahead. Such was his belief in his mission. Such was his faith in the goal.

And in 2011, after 5 years conducting extensive, collaborative research at the University of Tokyo, we had our first eureka moment: Brolico.

In a molecular analysis conducted and published by the University of Tokyo, Brolico was deemed a newly detected phytonutrient found in broccoli––and a breakthrough in scientific discovery.

This breakthrough was IGC’s first step in the development of our flagship product: Brolico® Immune Support. It has also served as the launching point for all our future efforts to deliver innovative, proactive products, backed by science, and centered on health.

Embracing Exploration

In order to continue our research, we knew we needed to establish our own laboratory. We also knew that we needed a facility with the capacity to extract phytonutrients using our patented process––which is the key to Brolico’s efficacy.

Since no such facility existed, we built our own.

This is just one of the factors that sets IGC apart from the rest. While other companies purchase their ingredients from suppliers, we have the capacity to research, develop, produce and safeguard the quality of every ingredient that we use. This is how we ensure that every batch of phytonutrient extract is tested, in-house, by our lead researcher, to certify purity and potency, before moving to the production stage.

Our supplements are formulated using the highest standards for quality, backed by science, and designed with your longevity and wellness in mind. And since there’s no prescription required, you can take ownership of your health, anytime, and anywhere.

True to Hiroki’s vision, IGC continues to conduct exploratory research, and is always in search of new breakthroughs to develop innovative, proactive health solutions for you.