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4 Key differences between Brolico and Sulforaphane

It’s easy to see why these two nutrients get lumped together––they both come from broccoli, and they’re both packed with health benefits. But in everything from composition to performance, these two are as different as night and day. Here’s a closer look at just four of the components that set them apart.

1. Extraction Method

Sulforaphane comes from a naturally occurring compound called glucoraphanin, which is found in foods such as broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli sprouts. When we eat these vegetables raw, the process of chewing releases an enzyme called myrosinase, which transforms the glucoraphanin into sulforaphane. To produce sulforaphane supplements, the manufacturers simply mimic the enzymes used in the digestive process to produce the nutrient in a more concentrated form.

Brolico is a naturally occurring phytochemical found only in broccoli. The cells that contain the nutrient are so strong, they cannot be broken down during digestion, thus eating raw broccoli does not result in the absorption of brolico. Brolico must first be extracted using specially developed technology designed to break open the cell wall and access the nutrient, which then enables absorption in the body. Without this extraction process, Brolico passes through the system without being utilized.


2. Quality Control

There are hundreds of companies manufacturing sulforaphane supplements, and this kind of competition can lead to cut corners and compromised quality, making it difficult to know what you’re really buying, and where it’s coming from.

The Brolico® supplement is a proprietary product, manufactured and sold only by Imagine Global Care. We maintain complete control over the source of our broccoli, the effectiveness of our extraction process, and the quality and purity of our product. Our company is governed by phytochemical expertise, and rooted in scientific partnerships to advance the field of nutraceutical research.

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3. Water Purity

Drinking water can contain a wide variety of toxic chemicals, compounds and metals. Even here in the US, where our public water supply is well-regulated, a study by the Environmental Working Group found 316 different chemicals in tap water throughout the country.

Supplements should advance health, not hinder it. That’s why Brolico® is extracted using pure, high-quality water, sourced directly from the melted snows of Mt. Fuji.

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4. Immunity Activation Results

In a side by side extract comparison study, Brolico and Sulforaphane were measured for their ability to activate NK cells. The results?

Brolico demonstrated over 6 times the immunity activation of Sulforphane.